Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas

Edited by Carina Bissett, Hillary Dodge, and Joshua Viola Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas is an anthology of short stories, poetry, and artwork loosely connected by the tale of an underground society, the Umbra Arca. Sam and Dean Winchester would have belonged to the Umbra Arca, as would Indiana Jones and Peter VenkmanContinue reading “Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas”

Of Kings, Queens and Colonies

by Johnny Worthen Johnny Worthen’s Of Kings, Queens and Colonies is A Parallel for Modern Times – a bit self-consciously, perhaps, but still relevant for all that. The tale begins on a spaceship carrying settlers intending to colonize Tirgwenin, the last “unclaimed” planet in their solar system. It is nearly a thousand years since theContinue reading “Of Kings, Queens and Colonies”

Artificial Divide

Edited by Robert Kingett and Randy Lacey Most anthologies have some sort of unifying theme, and the “hook” in Artificial Divide is that each of the sixteen contributing authors – and their protagonists – are blind. That’s it – that’s the connecting thread, and diving into the stories knowing that fact adds an unexpected depthContinue reading “Artificial Divide”

“Samantha’s Sandwich Stand”

Author: Sonia SaikaleyIllustrator: Nathan Caro Fréchette Samantha is bored, bored, bored until she gets the notion to start a “lemonade” stand selling her favorite homemade Lebanese cream-cheese-and-cucumber sandwiches instead of lemonade. Will her customers agree with her that “different is good?” With some help from her friends and a magical eagle, Samantha’s sandwich stand hasContinue reading ““Samantha’s Sandwich Stand””

“Porters” by Patrick Clark

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Philip K. Dick wrote an episode of CSI: Vegas? Well, neither had I, until I read Porters by Patrick Clark. The year is 2069, the Earth is mid-Environmental Apocalypse, and Steve Wilson is a detective in the New York Police Department’s NTSI. The Non-Linear Time Stream InvestigationContinue reading ““Porters” by Patrick Clark”

“Wild Blue Yonder” by Jack B. Rochester

At birth, Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers (the protagonist in Jack B. Rochester’s fictional autobiography Wild Blue Yonder, 2011) is “given the gift” of being named after his father’s favorite author. After his dad’s untimely death, Nathaniel flunks out of his local community college and embarks on a voyage of self-discovery – i.e., he joins the UnitedContinue reading ““Wild Blue Yonder” by Jack B. Rochester”